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FERODO Technical Product : FBG001 - Brake Grease 50g Tube

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FERODO Part Number - FBG001
Brake Grease is a copper free mounting paste formulated with a high viscosity silicon oil with the addition of pure natural graphite.

• This product is designed to be applied to the disc pad backing plate area to assist with the reduction of Brake Squeal, Pad Dragging and High Frequency Noise generated from mainly pad vibration.
• Where to use : Apply to the back of the brake pads and both sides of the shim plate/s (if fitted) where contact with the caliper body and piston/s takes place.
Some pads have end abutments that should be coated where there is metal to metal contact.
• Caution : Apply sparingly and evenly - do not apply to the friction material of the brake pad
or any part of the disc rotor.

Guidance for installing new brake pads :

1. New brake pads should be fitted by a qualified technician and 'bedded in' correctly to achieve the best braking performance.
2. The Disc Rotor should be inspected and replaced if damaged or worn.
3. The Brake System should be cleaned and serviced with new Brake Fluid.

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