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FERODO Clutch Kit with Friction and Steel Plates : FCS0215/2

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FERODO Clutch Plate Kit with Friction and Drive plates are designed as a replacement set for the original fitment items.

FCS0215/2 contains 8 STD friction plates and 7 steel drive plates.
The friction material of the FERODO STD friction plates have cork or rubber material in the friction compound.
The Steel Drive Plates eliminate the problem of aluminium drive plate wear and contamination of the engine / transmission oil.
A Heavy Duty Clutch Spring Kit is available as an optional service item.
The friction material of the FERODO STD friction plates do contain cork or rubber material.
To enhance the benefits when fitting new FERODO Clutch Plates, FERODO recommends that new oil should be used.
Tip: New friction plates should be submersed in the new engine or transmission oil for two hours prior to fitment.
This allows the clutch plate material to absorb the oil to assist with the initial start up and ongoing usage.
FERODO suggest the other clutch components be thoroughly inspected for wear and suitablity prior to re-assembly - replace if necessary.

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